ThreeForm is creating 3D Design on the body: Wearable tech, sculpture, and fashion

Early Releases

$1 /creation
Thank you! At this tier you'll get access to a standard sample collection (raw scans, basic edits, sculpted scans) and also new releases of wearable accessories before they are published on other p...

Basic Access

$3 /creation

At this tier you'll able to purchase figurine scans for #3 each, as well as access to all previous ...

Body Scan Package

$5 /creation
Editing scan data is a lot of work. At this tier, scans have had 2-5 hours of editing to enhance detail. These scans are optimized to fill print around 8-9". Manual support structures are often add...

Digital Avatar package

$10 /creation
This tier features fully developed avatars/characters with complete outfits. Professional quality. These are delivered in package with a variety of 3D formats, part configurations, and polygon coun...

Sculpture Package

$15 /creation
In addition to figurines and wearable designs, I also create original work based on the scans. With your support I can continue to create these.

Digital Fashion Package

$20 /creation
These professional quality wearable designs are like nothing you'll find anywhere else. For best aesthetic quality, I recommend using an industrial level printing service or a high-detail SLA type ...

Semi-custom package

$50 /creation
At this level of support you can request features, changes or new products (within reason). As long as the resulting design is shared with other supporters, everyone benefits. At this level I can e...