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is creating printable tabletop miniatures, illustrations and 5e material.

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Support the artist behind Tiger Skull RPG and get access to the Legendary Welcome Package, The Reanimation Master as well as exclusive updates.


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In addition to the Legendary Welcome Package, you will receive this month's featured STL Collection! Each STL comes fully print tested, keyed and with printing suggestions to ensure the smoothest printing experience.

*Content depicted here is an example and not necessarily reflective of the current month's content.
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While you are subscribed to Tiger Skull RPG at the Merchant tier, you will enjoy the rights to sell what you've printed, be it 3d or 2d! This includes all of the legendary content in a given release. All of the benefits of the other tiers are enjoyed as a Merchant as well. See the About section for more detailed terms and conditions.
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About Tiger Skull RPG

Hi, my name is Alex and I'm the artist behind Tiger Skull RPG, a place for Table Top enthusiasts to collect and print meticulously crafted RPG miniatures and artwork.

I am a craftsman of fantasy miniatures. I believe that the best minis are those with a single artistic vision. I do not subcontract any of the work that goes into the development of these miniatures. Every figure is Sculpted, Supported, and thoroughly test printed by myself before its release. If you're interested in the process further, come and say hi on discord. 

Featured this month at Tiger Skull, Rise of Kronus the Annihilator

If you're a 3d printing enthusiast, tabletop RPG gamer, or an avid homebrewer like myself, then this is the place for you. Please select the tier that best describes you!

Hero Tier 
  • Our monthly STL collections (4 to 6 models) 
  • Pre Supported versions of each model
  • My Mini Factory fulfilment support
  • The welcome package figure,this includes the Reanimation Master STL, and a sampling of our legendary material including his stats, wallpaper and loot cards!

Merchant Tier

  • Everything from the Hero Tier
  • Sell physical prints of our models as long as you are in this tier. See terms and conditions below.
*The resale of Digital goods is not permitted in our terms of use below.

Tiger Skull RPG offers monthly 3D printable miniatures complete with 5e Stats, high-resolution splash art, and Item Drops. Everything you need for fully realized NPC encounters. Tiger Skull RPG is creating true print and play collectibles so you can hop right into your RPG with the latest figure.

Each month a new encounter will be released. Hero level patrons will receive the characters in STL format. Patrons in the Legendary tier will receive the STL, and all of the RPG Material at the highest resolution for home printing. All digital imagery is delivered in their raw form, as they were originally authored, without downscaling so you know that your prints will look sharp at any scale. Creator Tier rewards will include the card template for item crafting as well as the weaponry STL files to print and place within dungeons.

The vast majority of minis available on Tiger Skull RPG do require supports for 3d printing. All figures will come pre-supported as they are posed on their bases.
Additional STL files will be included with each figure, such as the individual bases, and the freestanding, baseless figure but these may not always include pre-supported variations.
Thanks for stopping by and supporting independent RPG development!



Terms and Conditions
By subscribing to Tigerskullrpg on Patreon as a Merchant, you agree to be bound by the Agreement terms set out below:

This Agreement allows you to:
  • Download and print files in the post attachments for personal use.
  • Upload the attached STL files to a physical printing service (Shapeways, for example), to print for your personal use only.
  • Upload the attached Jpegs and PDF files to a physical printing service (Printful, for example) to print for your personal use only.
  • Gift physical prints of the digital content received as a patron of Tigerskullrpg.
  • Take and share photos of the printed models on your personal social media account if crediting Tigerskullrpg or Alex Kolakowski.
  • Paint the printed models, and take/share photos of the painted prints if crediting Tigerskullrpg or Alex Kolakowski.
This Agreement does not allow you to:
  • Share or Sell any digital files, or links to digital files received as a patron of Tigerskullrpg or as purchased on tigerskullrpg.com.
  • Distribute Digital copies in exchange for money, goods or services.
  • Distribute Physical copies in exchange for money, goods or services.
  • Share or Sell Derivative Files (such as resized, altered, or pieces of models)
  • Use any files we release, or portions of our files, in commercial products, Kickstarter, Patreon, or any other crowdfunding platform, or share/sell as part of a Game System or Set
  • Make molds for mass production of our models
  • Use our digital images or 3D renders for commercial projects (If you repost on personal social media, please include a credit/link to our Patreon)
  • Sell 3D prints of any models we release, either painted or unpainted (Unless you join the merchant tier)
  • Sell Derivatives of the Digital files released by Tigerskullrpg, using all or part of any released models or digital imagery.
Merchant Tier Exceptions - As you are subscribed to the Merchant Tier, you may:
  • Sell Physical prints of digital files you have received as a patron of Tigerskullrpg on Patreon. File types include STL files, PDF files and Jpeg files.
  • Sell Physical prints of digital files you have purchased on www.tigerskullrpg.com. File types include STL files, PDF files and Jpeg files.
  • Sell Physical Prints of digital files as part of your online store. File types include STL files, PDF files and Jpeg files. This excludes crowdfunding services external to tigerskullrpg including but not limited to Patreon pages, Kickstarters, Indie gogo etc. Digital files cannot be sold to 3rd party online stores.
  • The Merchant tier does not grant the re-sale of any digital goods.
  • All other terms and conditions apply to Merchant Tier Patrons.
  • Merchant Tier Exceptions are only valid while subscribed to the Merchant Tier. Changing Tiers or exiting Tigerskullrpg on Patreon will immediately revoke these Exceptions.
  • Digital Content received or purchased from tigerskullrpg on Patreon or www.tigerskullrpg.com may not be used in the production of video game development.
  • Selling of physical prints to a 3rd party with intent to re-sell is prohibited, however reach out to [email protected] or message us on patreon for case-by-case exemptions.
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Throwback Mini

At 250 patrons, we will include an additional mini from a past release to the welcome package each month. This will come pre-supported with a custom sculpted base.
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