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About Ashley Yawns

Timber Owls is a platform that has grown out of a merger of the cultural analytical projects of myself and several friends. Our work focuses on marginalised perspectives on media both from a leftist sociopolitical perspective and more personal writing on identity. We hope to bring a broader culture of discussion to the table with regards to media on which the conversation is often limited to a set of normative priorities not only with alternate approaches to analysis but hopefully by talking about works that don't get as much attention.

We also do not want to present a dry and impenetrable academic tone and alongside wishing to create space for more light-hearted content we consider it a priority that this kind of cultural and political writing be widely understood and accessible without losing its core meaning. As a central philosophy we believe that writing on popular culture is a fertile space in which to promote this kind of thought and demystify concepts that can appear intimidating, often by choice on the part of those who would style themselves as discursive arbiters and/or take marginalised voices as their own.

We've received a decent amount of attention lately and we've been growing at a steady rate and we would love your support in turning that into something more. Our initial goals were simply forming our work into a shared platform as we feel our less represented perspectives benefit greatly from a platform of collective support. In that vein we would love to be able to, over time, turn Timber Owls into a platform that can not only do this for more people, but broaden the kinds of perspectives and work we are able to cover.

Three main goals and/or dreams for our patreon are:

1. The ability to grow the site and establish it as a platform that can commission work from people who, like us, do not feel represented in the wider press. This is by no means limited to writing on media and our ideal site is one that can bring all kinds of work (fiction writing, art, video etc.) attention that it deserves.

2. Resources to allow us to broaden the range of work we do on the site ourselves. We'd love to branch out into video content for example, but the resources and time required are something that makes it a struggle at this stage.

3. Being able to receive compensation for our own work as it finds an audience. We're all a bunch of poorly paid or unemployed and mostly queer millennials with bills to pay, you know how it goes.

If you choose to support us we will be incredibly grateful. If you'd like to see more critical writing on nerd culture or you want to see us branch out more than we have then please provide us with whatever support you can.

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