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About Tina Horn

Hi! I’m Tina Horn. I’m a nonfiction writer, an audio producer, a teacher, a performance artist, and a journalist. My work explores countercultures, the sex worker rights movement, pop culture, BDSM practices, queer identities, and rock n roll.

My generous and gushing Patrons support a few things:

First and foremost, a pledge to Tina Horn is a pledge for Why Are People Into That?! 

Over the past four years, YAPIT has covered spanking, squirting, sexting, bondage, masochism, cocksucking, cam girls, butt plugs, exhibitionism, cruising, swinging, strippers, and much more. I’ve interviewed porn stars, medical professionals, journalists, pro-dommes, podcasters, artists, comedians, leather titleholders, and authors, just to name a few. 

YAPIT is a reflection of what I feel sex media can be: queer, kinky, slutty, raunchy, political, anti-racist, intellectual, conversational, non-judgemental, non-shaming, and feminist. Your pledge to me is a support of those values, a sign that there is an audience for this style.

YAPIT is a 100% indie podcast operation. I host, produce, curate and book guests, record and edit the audio, promote the show, everything. I do get some helpful revenue from my hosts at Acast and from the occasional private sponsor, always a sex positive feminist sexuality company. But the most valuable support comes from my Patrons.

Your support improves the sound quality and makes it possible for me to devote more time to release more frequent episodes. Since receiving Patreon support in the past year, I’ve been able to double the amount of monthly content, which means more diversity in perspectives on sex, kink, gender, and love.

Secondarily, a pledge to Tina Horn is general patronage of my work. I’m an organized and driven freelance writer and teacher, and my income is in the form of small checks that can be undependable. Your consistent support helps mitigate stress so I can devote energy to creating, as well as networking for opportunities. I’m committed to engaging in discourses surrounding sex worker rights, global decriminalization of sex trades, and critiquing the stigma that affects LGBTQ identities, kinky folks, pornographers, and other marginalized communities.

I keep my patreon well updated, so a pledge to me is a subscription to news about the sexual underground and queer literarti.

Over the past two years, my Patrons have provided me with advice questions that I’ve answered with my guests on the show, given me helpful feedback on audio and content, and bolstered me to know my hard, sometimes isolating work, is reaching the ears and eyes of the people I make it for -- those of us who don’t see our bodies or desires or reasoning or love reflected and represented enough in this world.

Thanks for your interest, and see you on the dance floor,
Tina Horn
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