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Freshly Planted Seed
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As a freshly planted seed I will give you access to my build instructions on the basic (no hi-tech) NFT System so that you can make your own Hydroponic garden and start your journey on healthy eating.   

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As you are germinating I will give you access to my Raspberry Pi build instructions that monitors the Temperature and humidity of your garden space and logs it to google sheets for your review. Plus you get previous tier benefits.   

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As a Sprout you will have access to my personal nutrient formulas that I use for my setup so that you don't need to figure it out at the start. You will also get the previous tiers benefits.




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About Tinee9

For the last 5 years, I have been an aerospace electrical engineer. I have worked on the biggest plane ever made (ROC) and privatized space vehicles for the rich and famous for Virgin Galactic. Sitting at work in front of a computer screen and help make planes has not been a fulfilling career. It has been fun working on them but it doesn't help my local community. 
In a world with an increasing population, farm land becoming scarce, and water being polluted, I decided (with encouragement from my spouse to get a new hobby) to work on Hydroponics and build an indoor garden. This indoor garden I will be providing fresh produce for my local community. I don't want to just help my local community, I hope to educate those who watch my videos, read my tweets, and other media forms about how to grow your own indoor garden, my journey on healthy eating, and other fascinating things with hydroponics.

I plan to show experiments on different nutrient solution mixtures, lighting effects, temperature/humidity effects on plant growth. As a patron I plan on giving you access to my build instructions of my various setups (Raspberry Pi data collecting, NFT system, nutrient mixtures for different plants. 

So why do I need your help? Well one of the biggest problems with Indoor Hydroponics are the cost associated with Light and A/C energy costs. With your contributions it will help me do better researchwith appropriate equipment. Problems will be solved hydroponics will become more economical. Building a bigger farm will allow more locals to get the fresh food to their table in a more sustainable fashion.  

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My plan is to have a single camera 24 hour stream of the plants growing with peaceful music in the back ground.
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