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About TinkeringTurian

Kobold Adventure

Kobold Adventure is an adult text-based adventure game. It features a thrilling tale of survival, exploration, adventure, mischief and bravery, all through the eyes of a small kobold. You will learn of the troubles and hardships of being a lesser creature in a cruel and unforgiving fantasy world. You will fight bandits, haggle with merchants, get robbed by your own kind and hopefully make it out alive. If you're not careful, this adventure may just prove to be your last.

Kobold Adventure is hosted and freely available at http://koboldadventure.com/ or https://koboldadventure.com. It may be played online, or you can download a version for local usage. Note that Internet Explorer is not supported. Please use Chrome (preferred) or Firefox to play the game.

Kobold Adventure's official Discord server is joinable via the following link: https://discord.gg/kwSHRBE. This server is for kobold content in general, and not just for Kobold Adventure. Note that there *will* be spoilers and NSFW content. Browse at your own risk.
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Monthly character sheets. Which character gets detailed will be determined by an accompanying monthly poll.
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