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Thank you for visiting the Tiny Tribe of Five's Patreon page! 

My name is Ashley Nardello, my husband Chris and I are asking for your patronage!  Together with your support, we are creating an amazing learning opportunity for kids!
We are fierce lovers of people, all things good food and culture. With a background in photography we are documenting the entire journey. 

 we plan to create an ongoing scholarship program for teenagers to learn photography skills that can not afford tuition. 

While fostering their creativity, and giving them FREE access to a program like this, I Will teach them skills that will change their lives.  I want to not only boost their knowledge.... I want to nurture their self esteem by showing them their worth. Reinforcing their value, positive self image and success by displaying their work in an exhibit type of gallery as the grand finale.

There is no better feeling than being proud of yourself.  Kids aren't born with these skills they learn them. Without opportunities like these, they may never find it. Their self confidence that is. 

I was born to become the role of a mentor. 

I fought it up until now, but I am ready.
I am going to be "who I needed as a kid...."  

It is extremely important to me to remind the world that kids are often overlooked for opportunities not related to college.

Having come from this background myself, I am committed to make a real change in their lives - that isn't based on their merit or academic capabilities.

Here is a little peak at OUR family.... they are fully on board with the journey.... please consider supporting us on our adventures. 

Again, Thank you for finding your way to the Tiny Tribe of Five patreon page.
We are spreading love and art around the United states with our photography workshops and mentor-ships.

As a member of our TRIBE,  you will help provide gear, and ongoing expenses for our camp.

What is in it for you!?
Exclusive insight in to our lives managing the camp on the road (B real & behind the scenes.The good, bad & crazy town show in between)

Not to mention- the feeling of knowing you are changing the world.

We do it for abandoned pets, we do it for poverty stricken kids in other countries ....
now it's time to do it for our own communities and in our own back yards. 

As a patron- We will keep you updated on the progress of our activities and upcoming tour locations!! 

About me:

I'm a self-proclaimed cool Mom, (in my best Amy Poehler voice) A devoted Wife, and lifestyle photographer , who is calling Bull on the American dream - and all the awful stereotypes that come along with it.

I was put here to inspire, teach and to break the cycle..... I found my calling providing mentor-ships to kids.  

Imagine if someone had influenced you and you had this opportunity as a teenager who's parents had no money. This is Life changing.

We are starting at the source... the future, our kids.

So if you are a part of the population - 
  • that doesn't believe strange or change is a word for wrong, 
  • that is sick of living someone else's dream
  • that creating art is a vital part of human nature  
  • and that kids of all backgrounds deserve an opportunity 
....you have found the mothership. 

Jump on board, because we are turning shit up-side down over here.... 

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When we reach our goal, I (Ashley) am launching a traveling photography camp for teens! This would be a scholarship based tuition free program. Not all kids have the access to this type of mentor-ship and why not.... all kids should have an opportunity,  More importantly teens who are underprivileged and statistics say don't stand a chance. I'm looking to foster blooming artists lost in a sea of self doubt. It will involve teaching them about photography how to use a professional camera and most importantly boosting their self esteem. The idea that artists are a dying breed scares me. I can't imagine the world without people who were encouraged to create. Your pledge will help me put together the program. as a start, I am looking to purchase equipment for the kids to use during their mentoring sessions. They includes things like DSLR cameras a projector, and two laptops meals for the children an award for participation and galleries of their work will be hosted.
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