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Welcome to this private space everyone where I can drop exclusive videos. Many of the videos here will be documentary in style and statistical at times & extremely prophetic. Some of my warning weather dream videos have happened such as Hurricane Michael of 2018, the flash floods in Washington & Louisiana July 2019.

Occasional celebrity videos:
I address the recent celebrity scandal #NicoleMurphy #LelaRochon #AntoineFuqua in video.

NEW BOOK: I am a motivational, inspirational public speaker, author of "LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH IN THE SPIRIT: UNLEASH THE WARRIOR IN YOU." This book outlines God's plan of blessings that make us rich and add no sorrow (Proverbs 10:22). It helps us unleash our warrior spirit to overcome adversity, challenges and walk in the power and authority of Christ in our everyday lives. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WN5HB59/ref=sr_1_1?ke...

Tish Angelish is a mentor coach, songwriter/ghostwriter, CEO of https://tishangelishingodssecretplace.org/. 
My music is soulful, uplifting and soothing & I offer songwriting/ghostwriting services. My new new album, "God's Secret Place" is available on this site for digital purchase. The CD is also available on Spotify, Googplay, iTunes, Apple & all other digital online stores.

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