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About Titan Gaming

Titan Gaming makes videos, articles and podcasts about the RPG hobby, discussing RPG gaming with an eye on creativity, strategy, and fun! Take an in-depth look at official publications from headliners like Wizards of the Coast and Paizo, and explore the creativity of third-party sourcebooks, DMsGuild.com community content and Kickstarter releases.

We founded Titan Gaming from a love for the RPG community and a belief that it is one of the most uplifting communities on the internet. It is a community based on acceptance and respect, creativity and compassion, and adding some fun to daily life just for fun's sake. We aim to represent the values of our terrific community and act as a welcoming area for interested newcomers. We invite you to come learn, be entertained, and make new friends in one of the best online communities around.

A huge thank you to our current Patreon subscribers - thank you!! The engagement and positivity we see in our Discord server, YouTube community, and Twitter-sphere encourages us to make more great RPG content. Enjoy early access to our videos and articles, weekly podcast content, and prepared ready-to-print game material as benefits for joining us on Patreon.

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