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About Tito Atelier

Tito is the workshop where we cut, sew and manufacture to the highest degree of craftsmanship achieved through the old school teachings and tuned to new technologies.
Tito is for all.

A story for all

by designers

Tito creates the technical execution base and develops limited series collections, signed by fashion artists and product designers that use textile materials, designing the comfort, functionality and the experience of interacting with a finished product. Because Tito believes that the beauty of clothes, accessories and objects is first and foremost appreciated with eyes closed.

for everybody

Tito produces customizable clothing in limited series of colours and sizes, combining original cut elements with the textures and special properties of the materials used, and with a stitch that will make the bigger streetwear brands turn their heads around for another look. From shirts, T-shirts and pants, to hoodies or accessories, they all will be surprising due to the attention to detail, and loved by all for the honest approach.

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