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Hi, I'm Toby John.  I have a vision which is inspired by the will of God.  I want to educate people of the Truth.  It is my destiny to teach people God's light.  I am called by God to be a Minister... to profess unto mankind the truth of the Lord's doctrine.  

I want to provide you with high quality education about God, scripture, Jesus, Truth, and more... but in order to do that I need your help, I need patrons to support this mission.  I can assure you that if you become a subscribed patron and you join me on my journey you will receive the value you put forward.  So, become an asset of production, and join me in this mission by providing support.  

I have an interesting background/story which I will be sharing with everyone.  I will also share how God has called me.  

I will put effort into providing high quality education.  Join us.  

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