Tokyo Lives is creating A Giant Monsters Podcast


$2 /creation
You are an ancient dinosaur awoken from his ancient slumber in the arctic! You may not live very long but you're gonna make it back to those submarine caves. 

This tier will reward you a nif...


$5 /creation
Hello there my little spikey friend. Congratulations on being the best friend a King could ever ask for.

You will get a shout out on our About Us page and a shout out on an episode of the ca...


$10 /creation
Got to save all of the children! Watch out for Gyaos though cause he's a mean one.

You get everything previously mentioned and access to the unedited version of the cast with all of the grea...

King Ghidorah

$15 /creation
You are the golden three headed destroyer of worlds!

All previous reward tiers apply and you also get to suggest monthly articles for the Tokyo Lives staff to write!

King Kong

$20 /creation
You are the God of Skull Island and are obsessed with blonde women. Don't climb any really tall buildings though because that usually doesn't end well for you.

All previous reward tiers appl...


$50 /creation
You are the king of all monsters and are an unstoppable force of nature. Long may you reign!

All reward tiers apply here as well but you get to be a guest host on the cast for an episode! Ho...