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Dear World of Warcraft Player Community,

Hi.  I'm TomCat.  I have been developing addons for World of Warcraft full-time since mid-2018.

I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2007 (Burning Crusade) with my only regret being that I did not start playing earlier.  I love the game and, even more, the community.  I had always been interested in developing addons for the game to improve the player experience, but due to work, I was unable to.

Due to illness, and despite my trying everything to keep a job that I enjoyed as a software developer, I had to voluntarily leave my job in early 2018.  I am unable to maintain a regular sleeping schedule and am often tired, groggy, in pain, and/or suffering a number of other symptoms that are just incompatible with what a full-time corporate job requires.

I have been living off of savings, early withdrawal of retirement funds, and credit since.  I cannot pay my bills forever like this, and traditional employment will not work for me anymore.  So far, my best options are to do something which leverages my skills but that I can do from home, at my own pace, and on my own unforgiving sporadic schedule, and with as little exposure to stress as possible.  Developing addons for World of Warcraft seems to be a good way to go if the community finds enough value in what I am providing that they are willing to support my doing this full-time (or at least as close to full-time as I am physically able to).  I need the support to pay bills, and to take care of things which I can no longer easily do myself, such as home repairs and maintenance which have piled up to nearly unlivable levels.

Blizzard allows for community funded addon development so long as the addons remain free and available to everyone.  Blizzard will not allow me to ask for donations via the addon in-game.  About the best that I am able to do in-game is to suggest where people may go if they want to find out how to participate, support, or get help with the addons, and such types of information.

Your continued support is not only appreciated by me, but also by the entire World of Warcraft community who benefits from the addons that I create and maintain.

Thank you,


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