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About Tom (Fandabi Dozi)

My name is Tom, from the Youtube Channel "Fandabi Dozi".

My passion is being in the outdoors, practising bushcraft and learning how our ancestors survived and interacted with nature and the landscape.

My mission is to help reconnect people with their natural and cultural heritage through the practice of wilderness living skills. In order to better understand the human animal and our place on this planet.

The modern world has brought us many benefits. However, many people feel disconnected with nature and their cultural heritage, resulting in the feeling of alienation and the subsequent destruction of the planets ecosystems. I believe that practising wilderness living skills can help us feel more connected with nature and help train us to become more responsible participants in the natural world.

I make videos about Ancestral wilderness living skills, Bushcraft, Survival, Nature, woodwork, Natural crafts, History, Travelling and Outdoor adventures in general.

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Reaching 300 patrons, will enable me to create a Ebook on Highlander wilderness living skills, Gaelic medicinal plants, stories, history and myths. This book will be a reflection of my work and my passions over the past few years.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
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