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About Tom Tortorich

Perhaps the deeper moral of Galileo's story is that we should embrace those of us who see the world differently....

I hope the content I create has some value to others. I am an author, speaker, podcaster, blogger, and generally, a human who often feels he's centuries ahead of his time ... like Gene Roddenberry. 

I am currently seeking the most appropriate ways to fund my work and network.

As a public speaker, my flagship talk is:
"The Birds & Bees of Climate Change: Having the Conversation."

I have spoken at churches, and am seeking to expand into high schools, colleges and universities and social and civics groups.

It's as if we're all still believing the sun is revolving around the Earth.

I also create a podcast called, "Off the Spectrum."
Perhaps soon to be rebranded Intuition is 20/20. 
This podcast provides a safe space for those of us who see the world differently to express their ideas.

I am a self-published author of both fiction & non-fiction.

I also lead Authentic Relating for Singles in Kansas City.

After surviving a suicide attempt in 2018, I became even more determined to live a life of true purpose. 

Thank you for your patronage,

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