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About Tom Atkins Band

The Reviews are in! People all over our pale blue dot have the "About Time" CD and now its time to make the next CD. The good news is that it is already written, for the most part. The harder news is that it is going to cost money. While the original plan was to perform absolutely everywhere and anywhere, unfortunately, a drug addict driving and overdosing behind the wheel, drove into our drummer, Bob Napierski. Thankfully Bob is on the mend and can't wait to get back So like The Beatles, we will not be playing out live until mid-summer 2020. So we are experimenting with Patreon to raise money for the next CD and future products. I have been very busy getting my guitar foundation book ready for publishing, and my iguitarjournal application in development, so there are a lot of opportunities for our super fans to get involved and be a part of a terrific and inspirational story as well as some beautiful rock n roll. 
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10 songs recorded in a professional recording studio, produced by Grammy award winning producer.
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