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I was tired of losing! For me, it all started in 2008 during Tele-DAD format when I couldn't afford Dark Armed Dragon and had to play cheaper, budget versions of the deck. Every week, I'd take my budget builds to locals and leave disappointed. My parents would always ask how I did, and I always hated coming home and having to explain to my parents that I was losing. I made excuses. I thought the game was 'Pay To Win', or that my opponents were all just so lucky, and even that some of them were cheaters! Eventually though, I started saving money, and then by mid-2009, I was finally able to play the full version of a meta deck, Lightsworns! However, I was still losing! I was still barely making top cut at locals and never thought that I'd come close to actually winning. Something had to change; I had the cards, but something wasn't working. It took me a long time to realize it, but I just wasn't good. My opponents didn't have better cards, they weren't lucky all the time, they weren't cheater; I was just worse at Yu-Gi-Oh! than they were.

The next few years for me were difficult. I knew that I needed to improve, but I didn't know how. I tried to play more, go to more locals, meet more people, etc. None of it worked. This is before the internet was as big as it is now, so there weren't many online YGO resources either outside of a few forums. Forums were okay, decent, but overall not the best way to learn anything.

Years later in Fire Fist vs Mermail format, I finally learned to play the game on a more technical level. I learned more about Card Advantage, Tempo, and other forms of resource management. I learned about the mental game, bluffing my opponents with Tensens, reading opponents and knowing which backrow cards were real and fake. I was finally able to take my game to a new level, and I never looked back.

I remember when I couldn't even top locals, and now I consistently top regionals and other events. The purpose of this page and my YouTube channel is to help players reach their potential and show them how to win. I think everybody eventually gets to a point, like I did, where you just get tired of losing. It's at that point where you can either continue losing, quit the game, or quit complaining and start improving!

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