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You will see the sketches and some WIPS of art pieces only. You have the option to have sketches emailed to you as well.
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You will get Sketches, Lined work, some base colored WIPS, as well as some of my unedited cosplay photos when obtained.
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Edits and Edits!

You will get full access to everything mentioned above in the other goals. You will also get to see edited photos when they are obtained.




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About Topazius


Hello everyone! My name is Catherine and I'm an artist and cosplayer from Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I'm 22 years old and finally decided to start up a patreon account, thinking that maybe it would be able to help me out in more ways then one. This is my first time doing something like this and I'm really really hoping for it to work out for both myself, and for you guys!

I have both original based art that I draw as well as a bunch of Fanart that I do as well. I'm trying to maybe do a one shot comic on a few characters of mine, and if that becomes a reality it will be posted here for those who back before I post it anyone else, as well as my other art and cosplay photos.

I have been cosplaying for about 10 years now and it's an old passion for me. Photographs are very seldom unfortunately, however, when I get them I will post them to backers before anywhere else!
However because of how seldom it is, I will be posting some old photos until new ones come, and it will not be as prominent as my artwork on my patreon.

 Taiku Cosplay
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{ Occasional NSFW, Be warned! }

What I do all day
I am currently going to college full time Monday-Friday to become a Medical Office Assistant and I work part time here or there. I draw and sew in whatever free time I have acquired ( granted I have the energy). Cosplay I usually put on the backburner for me but my drawing is as constant as it can be, which is a good first step in my opinion, with al the stuff I have going on!

End Goal?

I want to draw more and I want to be able to make more costumes, go to more conventions, be apart of everyone's experiences in one way or another. I really dream of being a positive role model for plus sized women in the cosplay community, and to those who think they can't cosplay (hen they totally can). I want my art to improve more by m being able to produce more content to you guys, and I want to start going back and participating in artist alley!

What are you doing with my money?
The financial support provided will go towards important things such as my bills, and then secondary things which will be the creative things (drawing, cosplays, getting to other cons outside of my city, ect.) My job has been super slow so I've only been working short shifts once a week, and since I don't drive and have a phone bill to pay, I need all the help I can get. It's not too much ( about 200 for a bus pass and my phone bill each month together), so the rest of the money donated by my patrons will help me get to cons near you! Or help me make costumes, prints, accessories and all of that fun stuff!! The money donated through patreon will be equally divided between cosplay and artwork.

Cosplays will take a decent a amount of time, but I will post WIPS when I can of things being made. As I said already, however, my artwork will most likely be more prominent, and you'll definitely see WIPS and things involving drawings for sure!

Prints, Keychains, any other memorabilia (Buttons, charms, ect). Money that is used for my artwork will mean that I will be using it to make anything that can be sold in artists alley, for the most part.


Cosplay would mean convention attendance (In cosplay), Prints, materials, ect.

Items created would be able for purchase online and at conventions.

What if I want ___ but I don't want to be a patron?

This is okay. Photos, artwork, ect will be posted on my tumblr, Instagram, facebook and twitter. Tumblr and patreon are the ONLY places my ARTWORK will be posted on. The only difference is that certain backers will get to see it before you, and will even be able to get files emailed to them personally, ect.

I will periodically update my patreon with wips and such for my artwork, but remember osplay photos will be few and far inbetween due to the fact I need shoots booked, ect.

I will do online art streams and such, and they should be announced about a week before hand. I don't know how long they may last because I do have ADHD and My focus is very...hit or miss.

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting me on patreon!
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My first goal is to get my first dollar! I hope it's easy enough! I'm just grateful that anyone would want to support me!
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