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PLEASE NOTE: new patrons may notice that 99% of the links to my old videos no longer work. THIS IS BECAUSE HATERS EXPLOITED BANDWIDTH USAGE SO THAT VIMEO BANNED MY ACCOUNT. Currently, I am tediously re-uploading all my old videos to a new, secret vimeo account that I post directly here, but it takes a long time for myriad reasons, so don't expect all my old videos to be instantly restored. If you remember the name or subject of an old video that you would like to request priority re-uploading, you can let me know on social media: )

This is the entry-level patronage, which guarantees you access to the Standard Quality versions of my uncensored videos (which is necessary until I have enough donations to get a higher level Vimeo account, since the mere 5gb/week Plus level isn't enough for even two videos at full HD). If you would like to see High Quality versions of my videos, please consider the $9 Salamander Tier!

If you're unable to afford this tier, you can also gain access by becoming a member of our Promo Squad, and proving your support (and non-troll-ness) through active engagement and boosting of my social media posts! More info on that here:

All my social media links can be found at this page, please subscribe to as many as you're able to so I can still communicate with you as each one gets banned ;p


  • My ever-lasting gratitude!
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After finding the peertube instance TROM, which allows me to upload my old videos for free, I can no longer in good conscience charge extra to see HD downloads. However, several of you asked me how you can donate monthly more than the $2 bottom tier, so I am re-establishing this tier. It no longer comes with any perks the $2 tier doesn't--this is just for people who support my quest for topless equality and normalizing nudity, and want to help me achieve that dream.

(I still have lots of plans for future perks to offer like branded Tshirts and the like, but those plans are on hold until my home life affords me more time to devote myself to the work required to run all of Topless Topics)
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About Cleo McKeever

UPDATE: Patreon tells me that my account is suspended for "publicly visible adult material" and since I don't know how wide their purview into what they consider "adult material" is, I decided the safest thing to do would be to delete every single post and start fresh. The videos are all still available, just not the posts about them- you can find those on our usual website,

Topless Topics is a channel dedicated to informing and educating others on the nudist/naturalist lifestyle, teaching others that female nudity doesn't and shouldn't automatically be equated with pornographic content. Would you lose it if you saw a man jogging without a shirt along the beach? Then why lose it over a female? I'm setting up this Patreon account so that those who want to donate can do so with the security of knowing every cent will go into improving the videos--getting a better camera and providing traveling funds so we can explore nudist resorts across the country (and maybe someday, the world), as well as funding projects like a "nude in nature" photoshoot with the bulk of the proceeds going to charities like the GLBT Help Hotline, to help those who are struggling in finding their identity to know they're not alone.
$482.58 of $1,000 per month
Have enough money to put my two kids in daytime childcare so I can actually have time to create and maintain new content!

It's actually more like $1,200 a month for childcare, but I'm hoping that if I were to make it to this level of reliable income, I could also finally figure out a way to affordably produce and sell merch. Basically, this is a pie-in-the-sky goal that would allow me to actually treat content creation like a job instead of a very expensive hobby.
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