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This is the replacement for my original lowest tier of $1, which I had to delete and replace with a whole new tier in order to make any changes (thanks, Patreon e.e)

Basically I hope the change doesn't add extra hardship to you, but will be a lot more beneficial to me! If you can't afford the $2 then I understand, please feel free to follow me on social media and watch all my content once I've made it available to the regular public <3

All my social media links can be found at this page, please subscribe to as many as you're able to so I can still communicate with you as each one gets banned ;p


  • My ever-lasting gratitude!
  • Invitation to the Topless Topics Discord Chat with your very own donor-only user role!
  • invitation to the bi-monthly Topless Topics Newsletter
  • individual shout-out in my Donor Appreciation Videos!
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-----|NEW TO THIS TIER ONLY:|-----
  • donor-only NSFW livestreams every Saturday at 3-7pm PST
  • see new videos a week early, before the rest of the world!
  •  VIP Access to all Vimeo On Demand "Topless Topics Tech Tutorials" as they become available (more info here:


  •  My ever-lasting gratitude! 
  • your own special @donor role in the Topless Topics Discord Chat server
  • invitation to the bi-monthly Topless Topics Newsletter
  • individual shout-out in my monthly Donor Appreciation Video!
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Benefits include:

[new to this tier]

- Access to Weekly Donor-Only NSFW Livestreams, every Saturday from 3 to 7pm Pacific Standard Time! (Check here for the secret link at the start of each stream)

- Daily "Artistic Nude Photoshoot" pictures - high quality Fine Art Photography from my past photoshoots highlighting the natural grace and beauty of the womanly form in forests, rivers, and a variety of other outdoor settings!

- VIP Vimeo On Demand Access to all Topless Topics Tech Tutorials- a series of videos I occasionally put out teaching you how to do a particular task, like create your own video thumbnails for Youtube, craft your own video backdrop banner, and more! (More info about that here:

[included with lower tiers]

-your own special @donor role in the Topless Topics Discord Chat server

-invitation to the bi-monthly Topless Topics Newsletter

-individual shout-out in my monthly Donor Appreciation Video!
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About Cleo McKeever

UPDATE: Patreon tells me that my account is suspended for "publicly visible adult material" and since I don't know how wide their purview into what they consider "adult material" is, I decided the safest thing to do would be to delete every single post and start fresh. The videos are all still available, just not the posts about them- you can find those on our usual website,

Topless Topics is a channel dedicated to informing and educating others on the nudist/naturalist lifestyle, teaching others that female nudity doesn't and shouldn't automatically be equated with pornographic content. Would you lose it if you saw a man jogging without a shirt along the beach? Then why lose it over a female? I'm setting up this Patreon account so that those who want to donate can do so with the security of knowing every cent will go into improving the videos--getting a better camera and providing traveling funds so we can explore nudist resorts across the country (and maybe someday, the world), as well as funding projects like a "nude in nature" photoshoot with the bulk of the proceeds going to charities like the GLBT Help Hotline, to help those who are struggling in finding their identity to know they're not alone.
$269.48 of $980 per month
-Annual price for Vimeo Premium (monthly price is more expensive) which would allow me to:

-host SEVEN TERABYTES WORTH OF VIDEOS (holy moley that's a lot!
-up to 4k and Ultra HD video support, if we wanna get SUPER DUPER HIGH DEF in the future!
-lots more methods of community interaction available, like LIVE CHAT and polls, so we can all get to know each other a lot better!
And most exciting:
Seriously, I wanna start livestreaming EVERYTHING, from "behind the scenes" recording and editing videos, to gaming livestreams (with actual nonsexual toplessness, unlike my limitations on Twitch), to arts and crafts livestreams while I work on content for Topless Topics (like the Life of a Topfree Activist webcomic) or just arts and crafts in general (like drawing illustrations for my dad's childrens books), to casual hangouts where we can...I hatemail together and take a shot every time I get a deaththreat? The possibilities are endless! (well, they're greatly expanded, at least)

You can read about these and all the other perks of Vimeo Premium here:
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