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Sometimes we are in position where we want to help to any cause but all we have is extra $5, and guess what?! Those five bucks will get us at least a pack of mtn dew, and mtn dew would mean more fun and powerful

content! Much appreciated!

Steve Marley tier
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After receiving complains that $5 and $25 tier is too big of a jump, I added this. I’m still confused how to threat this one, but if you are getting this tier, you are my hero❤️

Mtn Dew and Sour patch Kids
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Pretty much same thing as $5 and $10 tier, we just know that you got that supervisory position and got that cash and I hope you are hiring! [no joke]

Patreons will get a written shout out in outro as well.




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About Toprollking Productions

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Toprollking Productions Patreon page!

I’m passionate af about a lot of things in life,(can I make patreon page for all of those things?🧐). Anyhow! My daily goal in life is to bring armwrestling to such level where we all can full time armwrestlers, or at least build a cool platform from which we all can benefit from! 

A growth of patreon army would mean more opportunities for me to create new projects that are armwrestling related, which means more content for you guys to enjoy, and opportunity to be a part of it!

Lots of loads love!
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