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About Torrey B.

Hello! My name is Torrey B.

I'm just a man that likes to make music.
If you're here I'm guessing you like music too, so let's make some together.

Chances are you've seen me play at one of the local watering holes in Northern Virginia. If so, I hope to see you again soon. If not, I hope our paths cross soon. No matter where you've come from or where you're headed, I'd like to welcome you from the bottom of my heart, to the depths of my soul. We are about to embark on a journey in music together, let's enjoy the ride!

I started writing my first EP "FreeSoul" after a bad break up that left me homeless and heartbroken. I started playing it for tips in the Metro Stations of Washington D.C. to get back on my feet and to my surprise people loved it! It's been years since then but I still go out and play for tips at the Metro Stations every now and then.
Nowadays I spend the majority of my time booking gigs, playing gigs, and traveling. I love playing live shows, but the schedule is tight and doesn't leave much time for writing new material. I'm making enough to keep food on the table, but not quite enough to spend on recording new material, or providing merchandise for my fans.

That's where the team comes in!

Any contribution you make will go toward the cost of recording, merchandise, and video production! In exchange you get access to exclusive Patron only content that I will post weekly. This includes behind the scenes footage of gigs and trips, Bi-weekly videos of songs requested by Patrons, as well as lyrics and in-depth, personal insights on songs that I have written. 
Once we reach the goal of $500/month I will be able to invest in merchandise and add two new tiers. I will also mail each of my patrons a personal thank you gift that will express my deepest gratitude. 

If you can't contribute you can show your support by following along on FacebookYouTube, or Instagram,  streaming my music on Spotify or Soundcloud, or checking out my website

I thank you all for your support and I look forward to our journey together!

$5 of $700 per month
We are a team working together, and every team needs a goal!

Our goal is $700/month towards the purchase of Merchandise. I'm thinking Lighters, T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies and maybe even some Cool Socks.

When we reach this goal I will mail each and every one of my patrons a token of my appreciation! What will it be? Honestly, I want to get to know you all better before I decide so I can make it something special.

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