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Welcome to BOOTCAMP OF LIFE! I found it to be the perfect name because life simply isn’t easy, but how you apply yourself in your own life destines your outcome. If you agree I think you would love this team!

Growth mindset is very important. Persuading this, I will send inspirational messages, as well as fun and intense body/mind building exercises. Whether in a quote or giving an insight on my own day/experience. Formatting in discussions among the patrons, videos, podcasts, live streams, etc.

Being a mother I hope to welcome ALL mothers to join as well. I’m a mom to a set of beautiful blossoming twin girls, and a handsome son. Moving into our final tier. I will be doing videos of different days I encounter and how I prepare, absorb, and learn through them...humbling me in many ways each day! 

I hope to bring you onto this journey with me feeling nothing but excitement and the HUNGER to learn, build, and grow as a team! Let’s have fun, laugh, learn and become BETTER than yesterday✍🏽

Manifestation is REAL🌸
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