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About Tortimer The Grey Gaming

Who Is Tortimer the Grey?!
Hey, hey, hey Whippersnappers!! The grey tortoise wanders here and there they say, playing video game favorites from yesterday and today! Tortimer the Grey is an online entertainer, doodler, & video game enthusiast, who strives to bring you quality, family-friendly, video game centered entertainment and expose you, the viewers, to present, and past, video game classics. He is a Christian, husband, full-time employee, and video game enthusiast who creates content, when he is able, for your enjoyment.

Why Support Tortimer the Grey?!
Content creation is a hobby that I love but unfortunately it is not my job. On an average month, without the support of viewers like you, I make no money by creating content, so I obviously work a full-time job and have to put my own money into everything I do for you guys. Despite my amateur status I always strive to run a professional channel and give you guys fun, consistent, entertainment with a message. I would love to expand my channel offerings but new games obviously require resources.

What can I do?
First off, my channel's main content (videos and streams) are, and always will be, offered completely free of charge to you; Supporting me is neither mandatory, nor expected, to be one of my Whippersnappers.

With that said... I have created this Patreon page so that those of you who truly enjoy my content, and want to help support me on an ongoing basis, have an outlet to do so. Patreon allows you to create different levels for your Patrons, so that they can give as much or as little as they want, and in turn I can provide different rewards above and beyond my regular content. In addition to the specific rewards mentioned below those who support through Patreon also get access to Patron only areas and content (exclusive mini-series etc.). I thank you all in advance for your support in growing my channel!

As always I have my Merch Shop, and Paypal links, in the description of every video if you would like to make a one time donation.

How Has My Patreon Changed?
To better reflect my modern (i.e. sporadic) content creation model I have recently switched my Patreon from a ' Per Month' billing cycle to 'Per Creation'. This will ensure that my awesome Patronsnappers are only charged when I actually make content!

Here is what you need to know:
  • All tiers and rewards have been revamped to better align with this new billing model.
  • Patronsnappers are able to limit the number of creations they support each month so you still have full control over how much you pay.
  • For billable 'Creations' I will only be counting:
    • Original YouTube Content (i.e. You won't be charged for stream VOD uploads etc.)
    • Special Occasion/Longer Streams (i.e. my usual 2 hour lunch streams would not count, only long/event streams.)

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