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About TotalDivaRea

Y'all know I have been talking about this for months...maybe even a year...maybe even longer...
I want to be able to come here and upload full-time for you guys, but I need your help in order to do that.

Sometimes you have this feeling deep down that YOU KNOW you have a purpose, and KNOW what it is; but sometimes, situations and can really make you second guess yourself. I feel like when you have a purpose, the gut feeling never goes away...for the past year I've been really thinking about my passion and what I love. And This is it.....THIS is My Passion & My Purpose, even when I take a step back or a break, this is literally the thing I am constantly thinking about. CREATING & being CREATIVE is my purpose. I've even tried to convince myself to quit...and even in that "quitting: mindset I still somehow ending up thinking about what content I should create...

You guys know I had a MAJOR downfall last year, that kind of spilled over into this year but I am working hard and getting back on my feet. . As I've been gaining more of an audience, I've come across a lot of people who really want to support me, which a really appreciate!! 

I know you guys have seen my growth from the constant investment into my equipment and quality of my videos and I want to be able to share more of that with you guys! I appreciate all your continued support and now it's time to take my channel to the next level!! I've invested tons (probably more than I should have at the time). I have literally over 20 videos that are sitting on my computer ready for me to shift through and edit and make live for you guys.

If you're willing to make a contribution, my material will be able to be upload more often and consistently!! With your help I want to take my channel from random uploads to a consistent schedule of 2-3 times per week, and eventually 5 days....
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Once I reach 3000 patrons, I start uploading 2x per week consistenly.
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