Touch of a Healer

is creating words and images of transformation - meditations and healing.
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Super budget supporter. You like the idea and aren't ready to receive healing sessions or personalized work just yet, but meditation sounds great!. Once a quarter you will get access to a meditation customized to my Patreon audience.

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Real Relief (Donation for others)
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Support Trauma-relief around the world. Your subscription goes directly to supplies for clinics I set up, or to helping me with larger Acupuncturist Without Borders efforts. I help teach others how to care for their communities and directly offer free clinics to those experiencing natural disasters, relocation, and human-generated traumas such as human trafficking and the results of war.

You will get access to special stories and personal updates about the work and Acupuncturist Without Borders efforts in which I am personally involved. Your membership also includes the quarterly meditations which you can use for yourself or in your group setting.

~ Quarterly Meditations

~ Help people around the world

~ Special stories and personal updates

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A fresh meditation each month that you can download and listen to as often as you like. The meditation is customized to my Patreon audience, meaning you have input on the focus of the meditation. You still have access to all the quarterly mediations.

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~ Quarterly Meditations

About Touch of a Healer

Join me for meditations and healing around the world. My foundations are in Earth-based shamanism and I hold a master's degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I recently expanded into teaching yoga, and have taught massage and Reiki through the years. My natural gifts included being a psychic empath which allows me to share my work with you both in person and at a distance.

Here at Patreon, you have access to meditations, to healing imagery, and to personalized readings, consultations, and healing sessions. With your subscription, you also support ongoing trauma recovery work of Acupuncturists Without Borders in places I have been such as Mexico, Cuba, Israel/West Bank/Palestine, Greece, and Australia.