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Everyone's favorite level is the one they depend on nightly to illuminate their path. For community-oriented work though, the light comes from shiny people like you. I depend on you to show me the way, to light our path.


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For those who really burn bright, and want to make sure I do too. Running hot eats up the batteries quickly!

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About ToyKeeper


I'm ToyKeeper, a.k.a. Selene. Nice to meet you! I'm happy you're here.  :)

I make bright lights, free software, and bad jokes... among other things. And I give most of it away. If you ever wanted to say thanks, you're in the right place!  Your support allows me to keep making things for the community. It also makes you part of a larger journey:

A few years back, I decided to see if I could flip an industry -- convert it to free software and get manufacturers to collaborate with the community for mutual benefit. Gotta do something to stay busy, right? The weird thing is, it actually seems to be working. We've now got at least ten companies making lights with open-source code, listening to the people instead of treating us as just consumers. It's a new way of doing business.

This isn't a solo effort, of course. It takes a village, each person contributing in their own way. Maybe you've wanted to contribute too, but don't know how? This is one way you can help, a way you can keep things moving forward.

As for me, some of the things I've done on BLF and in the wider flashlight community community include:

  • Community-oriented flashlights -- BLF-A6 and X5/X6, a bunch of Astrolux lights, the entire line of Emisar lights and Fireflies lights, some lights from Convoy, Lumintop, Sofirn, and the FW3A.
  • Flashlight firmware such as AndurilBistro, and Crescendo.
  • A UI toolkit called FSM, to make it easier for people to create flashlight interfaces and make UIs work on a variety of hardware.
  • Maintaining a repository of all the community's code.
  • Helping with or sometimes running BLF custom light projects.
  • The "after dark" BLF theme.
  • Testing and measuring hardware and firmware, publishing results, fixing bugs, and working with manufacturers to get issues fixed.
  • Providing support, managing interest lists, and trying to keep the community healthy and fun.

And that's just the flashlight-related stuff. I make a bunch of other things too! Generally whenever I see a thing which needs doing, I do it... and I share it. Sometimes that means helping with other people's projects, sometimes it means doing my own. There have been quite a few, ranging from productivity software to graphics effects to music tools, various Linux apps, fixing Linux bugs, programming tools, keyboard firmware, etc. Some of these are published on Launchpad, Github, and my site. Also, I enjoy making music, though I'm not sure anyone else enjoys listening to it.  :)

Virtually everything I make is available for free including source code.  So it's free in both senses of the word -- free as in speech and free as in beer.  Sometimes though, people want to say thank you with more than just speech... and that's where Patreon comes in.  What I do takes a lot of time, and hopefully Patreon will allow me to continue making shiny things for shiny people.

One quick FAQ: "Why not just publish a Paypal address for donations?"  I'd love to, but it's fairly easy for a motivated troll to cause significant damage with fake donations... and in the community we unfortunately have a few of those. Patreon keeps things safer, and it also lets us engage in a more personal manner. I'm still figuring out the details, but I hope to make this a place which is worthwhile for you. Let me know what you'd like, and I'll try to make it happen!

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