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A little bit can help a lot! Just a bit is great, even the smallest amount is welcome, and it shows.

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Going above the minimum is always a welcome thing, thank you if you're in this tier! Patrons in this tier will be listed in the very first song posted in each album.

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Above and beyond to help me make more music! Benefits will be added soon!




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About TrAX15

Hi! I'm Asher, or TrAx15, I've been working with Electronic Music for around 2 years, and after repeated agreement from family and friends, decided to create this Patreon Account to help support myself to be able to continue making this music, and to be able to keep getting better at it.I love music that conveys emotion, or a point, even ones that tell a story. Interesting and unique beat styles are especially appealing, and i hope to be able to continue to learn to make this style like some of the best. Making music has been my passion ever since i started making my first few songs on garageband mobile in the summer of 2017, and i'd be happy to have you join me as i continue to pursue this passion, my soundcloud is here , and I will soon begin to post videos of said music on my youtube channel. Thank you, and I'm glad for your support!

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