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I’m Traci, an illustrator making my way in New York City, far from where I grew up in Utah on a small family farm. Many of you know me from the farm — hi family and childhood friends — and many of you know me from my colorful and whimsical illustrations (#PaintPlay #Colour_collective), and maybe some of you know me from my pool playing days. Many know me from #kidlitart community and #SCBWI. Hi to you all, and thanks a million for your support. I’ve got around in my 20 + years of doing this. Writing and illustrating children’s books is my passion, which leads me to this new adventure.

In case you don’t know me
I’ve been an illustrator for over 20 years. I’ve illustrated several picture books (Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons written by Joseph Goodrich, Ruth Asawa: A Sculpting Life written by Joan Schoetter, The Mermaid's Gift written by Claudia Cangilla McAdam, Cody and Grandpa's Christmas Tradition written by Gary Metivier) and graphic novel style picture books on hard hitting topics of today (Nelson Beats the Odds series by Ronnie Sidney II).

I love dragons and fantasy, my dog, and my honey, Kurt Keller. I garden on the roof and I’ve created a picture book about that. If you’re interested I’ll share some of that here too.
See all of these and more on my website:

The Journey
I am embarking on a new journey, an emotional one that means the world to me — giving back to my mom who has given me so much. A little while ago, Kara Hunt, my older sister (an artist as well who has been an inspiration) said she had some of Mom’s stories and wondered if I’d like to do something with them. She sent them and while they were all fun, one of them really spoke to me, Eensy, Teensy Teddy Bear’s Adventure. Mom’s initial paragraph (as seen in the vidoe and in the illustration in my first post) gave me that extra nudge to do this thing.

Thanks a Bunch!
Supporting me on Patreon means that you’ll be helping me be able to focus on this personal project, giving me more time to create and share my art and experiences with you, my amazing online support and community. Your patronage will also help cover the costs of getting the book printed. Here we can chat, share in the journey, and go on this adventure together with Willie the Eensy, Teensy Teddy Bear as I make the book a reality.

My goal is to have the book illustrated and designed by the end of the year, just in time for the holidays. I was going to try to get this completed by September for Mom’s birthday, but that would drive me insane and we would not have time to enjoy the journey together.

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end
Ursula K. Leguin

Beyond this specific adventure you’ll get to help me decide where to go next. Won’t that be fun!

What You’ll Get
When you become one of my wonderful patrons, you’ll get access to exclusive content such as unseen sketches, full process videos, coloring pages and other downloadables, tips and tricks, and more. We’ll share some fun along the way, and you’ll have voting privileges too. Help choose characters, colors, and I’m not sure what, but it will be fun to explore this together. In short, you’ll have a front row seat in the adventure of creating a picture book from sketch to finished book.

How Patreon works
You can choose how much you want to pledge and this is as little as $3. You can come and go at any time. I hope you’ll stick around for my ongoing creative journey, as it looks like this is what I’m doing for the rest of my life. The adventure starts immediately and you'll gain access to content as soon as you’ve paid.

I love bringing smiles and want to make the world a better place. I hope you’ll join me on this Patreon picture book making journey. I appreciate all the encouragement and support you send my way. Let’s go on an adventure together!

Playfully yours!
Traci VW

Live. Laugh. Learn.

Other creative endeavors
Create games with my husband at Imagine That! Design
I sell my art on Redbubble ITD
 Redbubble TraciVW Creations
 TVWCreations on Zazzle
And I’ve created a fun Animal Parade line and continue to add new animals.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts