Hypnosis with Tracie Mahan is creating Hypnosis & Meditations catered to you!

Tier 1 - Peace of mind club.

$2 /mo
For just $2 per month you will have access to the meditations, spiritual updates and archived radio shows I post each month.  My goal is between 2 and 4 meditations a month.  Plus weekly updates on...

Tier 2 - Information Central club

$5 /mo
You will receive exclusive Interviews with special guests, (video interviews when able) as well as tier 1 benefits of Meditations, spiritual updates and radio show archives. 

Top Tier - The Seekers Club

$8 /mo
The seekers club is the best of all, as it will have hypnotic regressions.  Travel to other lifetimes, meet your spirit guide, look at other dimensions and so much more.  Plus you get the benefits ...