is creating drawings of boobs, butts & boners. Mostly boobs.
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I use Patreon as a Tip-Jar for my artwork and throw boobies in as an incentive. 

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About Jenn

Hello everyone.
My name is Jenn. 

Also known as TragicFangirl around the internet.
I am a freelance artist/illustrator creating character artworks - mostly related to the Furry Fandom, Warhammer/40k and Roleplaying games.

As of late I've been drawing more and more NSFW content and I figured I'd reconfigure my Patreon Page for that purpose. 

I draw on a daily basis and put up new artwork on my DeviantArt Page regularly - this page will be for sharing the additional extras.

All Patreons get one free request when they sign up for the page - these are done on a 'wing-it' basis and I have the right to decline anything that I am not comfortable drawing.

$16 of $25 per month
With this goal, I can guarantee the patreon page continues to exist. I can confidently post artworks.
I can keep my supplies well stocked (Paper, pencils, tablet nibs, etc.)
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