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Having WELL-WISHERS would encourage me to keep going, when the going gets tough, by reminded me that every OAK tree starts off as an acorn. 

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Having FANS will remind me that there are OTHERS who believe in me. This will encourage me when I start to doubt myself. 

This level of support will help me to finish getting [paying for] all the equipment and software I need to start and edit my weekly podcast [with numerous topics]. I'm setting up my home office as a recording studio right now because I want to create great quality podcasts. 

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Having SUPPORTERS will remind me that there are people out there that believe in me and they believe in the vision also. It will remind me that I AM not doing this alone.

This level of support will help me to have time to research, create, and produce quality webinar videos, along with the weekly podcast. Podcasts on topics in the news or subjects of interest to my patrons. Webinars on numerous topics from writing and publishing, to self-improvement, transformation, relationships, careers, money, health, and spirituality.

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About TransformNLife with Dr. Di

This is for those who don’t know anything about me, and it’s going to be long.

I am someone who found her calling doing her two favorite things: talking and writing. I talked so much as a child, one time my mother put tape over my mouth [I have a living witness]. IKR, if that had happened today, she be jailed for child abuse or sued by me for violating my 1st amendment rights [If I was still alive, after I told her I was suing her]. Momma violated the h&%$ outta my freedom of speech. ROFLMBO!

I also loved to write and knew I would be a published author for as long as I can remember. In my teens, one time I wrote a 26-page handwritten letter. By high school I had poetry published in the school newspaper, and by my early 20's I was a published poet with poetry in 2 different books [and didn’t get a dime].

By my late 20’s I had gone through years filled with loss, grief, depression, pain, self-destructive behavior, suicidal tendencies and attempts. It took me a while to realize that my journey wasn’t designed to destroy me. My experiences were preparing me. Once I understood that I was able to re-evaluate my experiences, redefine my existence, and transform my life.

During that part of my journey I found my purpose, which was to use my words whether spoken or written to facilitate transformation in the lives of others. Transforming Life Institute, LLC [TLI] was founded in 2011 for that purpose. “TransformNLife with Dr. Di” is a product of TLI.

So, who am I today?

I am a Life Strategist. A Life Strategist is a coach and mentor who helps others to discover how to allow joy, protect their peace, while embracing their positive passions, and living life with beneficial purpose. I am also a certified metaphysical practitioner and a certified spiritual counselor.

I hold a Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Sedona. She graduated from Morgan State University with a BS in Psychology. She attended graduate school at Johns Hopkins University and Graduated with a BS & MS in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics.

I’ve written and published 7 books, hosted a BlogTalk radio show, facilitated workshops, webinars, and training; and spoken at conferences and in churches.

I BELIEVE that I was created, prepared, and empowered by my life experiences to be a beneficial presence on this earth by using my gifts and talents in speaking, teaching, and writing to facilitate transformation in the lives of others.

I am a hard worker, but I have carried my vision alone financially for as long as I could. I still have a full-time job and I’ve spent my own money for the last 13 years with out monetary support from anyone else. I don’t have it in me to work 16 hours per day, like I did at one point, for 12 years. For this next level, I NEED YOUR SUPPORT. I need YOUR help and I am willing to share my journey, experiences, thoughts, processes, services, podcasts, webinar videos, and written content with YOU in exchange for your support. Below you will find the goals I’d like you to support and the 6 tiers above outline the benefits for your generous support.

I am eternally grateful for YOU whether you decide to become a Well-Wisher [$1.00 per month] or a member of My Tribe [$50.00 per month]. Yes, there are more benefits with each tier, but my unwavering appreciation is the same. 

Sending you Love & Light for your Journey,
Dr. Dianne Rosena Jones, Mpsy.D., Aka Dr. Di 
$0 of $5,500 per month
Here is what I believe $5,500 per month would help me to do: 
  • Finish setting up my home office as a recording studio by purchasing the equipment and software I need to create/edit quality podcasts and webinars.
  • Enable me to have time to research, create, and produce quality podcasts and webinars. 
  • Purchase software to ensure I produce quality manuscripts.
  • Allow me to devote quality time to writing book #8, 9, & 10.
  • Allow me to pay for a professional book covers [paperback and eBook covers], professional editing, and typesetting for all 3 books.
  • Allow me to work with my book distributor to have the books uploaded, printed, and distributed Internationally in paperback and eBook when they are finished.
  • Pay for professional marketing to promote my BRAND [TransformNLife] which includes books, webinars, podcasts, and other services offered on my website.  
  • Allow me the time needed to pitch book ideas and submit my manuscript to major publishers.
  • Attend at least two writer’s conferences per year which will help me to improve my writing skills and increase my odds of finding a legit Literary agent and Publicist to assist promoting my BRAND and pitching a book idea to a major publisher.  
Once my 2020 Vision has been activated and my dream has manifested, my "NEXT" GOAL is to expand my platform to include seminars, workshops, lectures, retreats, and conferences. 
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