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A shout-out on the comic itself and a personal thank you note from myself- scratch that. It'll be a poem. A poem about how happy I am that out of the kindness of your heart, you decided to support a potato like me.




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About Samson Yaskovich

Hi everyone, I'm Samson.
My girlfriend and I have created a web comic to illustrate my daily thoughts and struggles in regards to my transition. You can find us here
Donations of course are not needed to keep the comic afloat, but every penny you give will be cherished.
You may be wondering: What is the money for?
The donations you amazing people give will go towards funding my transition by helping me afford such amazing things like:
A packer
A new binder
To pay for hormone therapy (Testosterone)
To help cover the extra costs of Top surgery

Also, if you have the chance, a dear friend of mine has a truly remarkable vision for a comic. Have you ever been curious about having super powers? What about furry characters with super powers? Bet it would be complicated right? And dangerous....That my friends, is Akuji's Circus Monstra. Definitely stop by his page and see the mystery and magic for yourself. Here's the link: Thanks!

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