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  • You are a boy who found himself in Konoha, You got a system but You don’t know how to use it, your physics is poor and You have no stamina. You are looking at your fellow trainees running ahead of you but your future hides great thing for you.

  • Tier 1 :Access to at least 20 chapter per month.

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  • You got the first sword that made you realize that this system is all about swords, your first sword gave you the ability of the Gura Gura No Mi While you are still unable to use Chakra, You saw through your systems potential and you found out that your next step is to open the First Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.

  • Tier 2 :Read up to 6 chapters (3 G.O.S.S, 3 T.S.H)! ahead of the Tier 1 release.
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  • After getting the Hell Training from Garp, You reached the next level and opened the First Gate: The Gate of heart of the reverse Hachimon Tonkou. You became stronger than your peers, and now you need to continue your journey.

  • Tier 3: Read up to 10 chapters (5 G.O.S.S, 5 T.S.H) ahead of the Tier 1 release.




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Hey there, am the translator of the two Novels: God Of Soul System and The Strongest Hokage.

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When we reach 400 patrons, I'll release 30 Bonus chaps (15 GOSS, 15 TSH) the next month
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,085 exclusive posts

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