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If you feel the tips on the Travelivery websites have helped make your travel experience even better and you want to say thank you, this is your chance. With your tips to me, I'll bring more tips to you, and the cycle will go on and on.




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About Travelivery

Hey, thank you for visiting my Patreon page. My name is Jeremy. I am what you could call the curator of what you see on  Travelivery First, let's answer what Travelivery is. Travelivery is a series of websites with the objective to help with two travel issues, knowing what’s going on in the place you’re traveling to and figuring out where you want to travel in the future.

I had found, by living in Las Vegas for almost 20 years, that when people visited Las Vegas, they really didn't know what they wanted to do. It's true that Las Vegas is the type of town that you could just figure out what to do when you got here. But, the downside to that is that you'll most likely just go to the same place you went last time or you'll just ask the cab driver. Both cases are fine, as cab drivers do know a lot about the city. I used to be one, hence why I know a lot about Las Vegas. But knowing what to do BEFORE you arrive is ideal. The goal I have is to get people to really explore the places they are traveling to. I want to provide something different than the rehashed local travel magazines. They tend to paint a really broad stroke of the city, without very much specificity or change. Hence, why Travelivery was born.

What You Will Find on Travelivery

Travelivery is full of travel blog posts, photos, and videos. When traveling to a new or even old vacation spot, you'll want to know what the new and exciting things are. Like Vegas for instance. Things are ALWAYS changing here. Which is great, as it keeps people coming back. But, if you're used to doing the same thing you did last time, you might find that it's no longer there, or it's called something else now. So, having blog posts, photos, and videos really helps the new visitor, as well as the experienced one.

What the Goal of Travelivery Is

The objective is to have multiple city/places websites, similar to  Travelivery Las Vegas, to really do a deep dive and be more specific about the cities and places you want to travel to. Think of the websites as always changing travel guides, but ones that will always have the old information you remember reading accessible too. As for the main Travelivery website, I have a REALLY big idea for that website, but that idea will take a large investment to pull it off. I'm pretty positive that the big idea will be something locals and tourists alike will use on a regular basis. The close friends I've told about the idea keep asking me when the site will be ready as they really want to use it. That's a confidence booster for sure. So, for now, the main site is a news aggregator for all the other Travelivery websites.

Travelivery Has Reached a Crossroad

My true passion and why I believe that I'm here on this earth is to be that travel guide for people. I enjoy sharing new things with people, the photographs I take of places, and videos to give a different perspective. When asked where do I see myself in 10 years, my answer is always the same. Traveling around, taking photos, shooting videos, and writing blog posts about all the things I see and do, simply to share it all with you. I truly want this to be my full-time job. 

I want my travels to inspire others to take more pictures, shoot more videos, and share with others the cool things they do, even those things they do on an everyday basis. 

Now, to make this my full-time job, I can continue with what I'm currently doing and what most people do, which is have the websites covered in ads, get sponsorships from companies, and work with affiliate programs. Which is a fine way to earn an income, but it doesn't always make the web experience ideal for the viewer. 

Or... I can go the preferred route and do what has been suggested to me by countless people, create a Patreon page. My friends, family, and fans have said over and over that they want to support ME and Travelivery, not necessarily the companies who have ads on the Travelivery websites.

Tossing the idea around for about 6 months now, I completely agree with them. Think of Patreon as a tip jar. If you like what you read and/or see, feel free to toss in what you feel it was worth to you. If that's a $1, thank you. If it's more, you're helping Travelivery grow even faster. Either way, I'm going to keep working hard to put out great material for all of you.

If you've gotten all the way to here, thank you for your interest in Travelivery. It really is truly appreciated. I hope to meet a lot of you along the way during my travels. See you out there!
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Sweet! First Goal Attained! By Travelivery reaching this goal, it means you really enjoy what the website is about. You all are awesome. By achieving this goal, you're making it possible to go on more than 1-day trips to get content. These short trips can be brutal, especially if there are hundreds of miles to drive. You're helping pay for gas to and hotel lodging in great places in order for me to get awesome content. Thank you for your support
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