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Travel Oddities Podcast

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  • $1 - The Dollar Cryptid Club-
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  • $7 - ESP- We know what you are thinking and Brett will leave you a voicemail.
    • Brett will call you directly to leave you a weird voicemail that will make sense to Brett but you will need ESP to understand that craziness.  As an alternative, you can request that Harley leave you a voicemail, but it will result in a strangely fatherly bit of advise that will make you question your life choices.

$25 - Roadtrippers Bounty

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  • $25 - Roadtrippers Bounty

Autographed Travel Oddities Podcast road trip map. We used it. We'll autograph it and send it to ya. Guaranteed to include some random doodles.

Please disregard any stains......




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