Travingel is creating Youtube videos

Lowbie Tier - Even The Smallest Amount Helps!

$1 /mo

Fresh Meat Tier - Now I Can Keep Gooby Fed

$2 /mo
- have your ''would you rather'' question be answered by me. (maximum 3 per month)
just be gentle okay?

- early acces to videos as soon as they are done

Medium Tier - Hey Thats Pretty Cool!

$5 /mo
- name an item in my inventory (cant be named already)  

+all previous rewards

High Tier - Dont Make Me Blush Now

$10 /mo
- we go in a private chat for a while and have a fun / serious chat just 1 on 1. 

- you get a discord exclusive role,

+ all previous rewards

Uber Tier - I Would Pocket Daddy Any Game

$15 /mo
- you can play a game with me once a month at least. wether that be tf2 or a game that i already own.

+ gaurenteed spot in my friendslist

(as long as you are a patron)

+ all previous rewards

Demi God Tier - ARE YOU INSANE?!!?

$100 /mo
you must be a nutty noodle doodle - 

- ill have you record a voice line for the steam review section of the video

- and all previous rewards

Gooby Tier - You Are An Absolute God

$250 /mo
i will do an entire mvm tour with you in tf2,

 play a co-op game with you that i own.

OR do a game stream of your choice (this includes horrorgames....)

and all of the above