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Bonsai Tree

$1 /mo
Thank you!! Your support means the world to me! 

♦ You will also gain access to my private patreon feed which includes behind the scenes photos and videos of my newest work.

Scrub Oak

$3 /mo
Huge thank you!! You have no idea how much this means to me! By supporting my art, not only do I get to create, but you can too! You will get:

♦ One downloadable colorable mandala



$5 /mo
Your support of $5 a month is SO helpful! My many thanks from the bottom of my heart. To show my thanks you will receive:

♦ One downloadable wallpaper for your device. 

♦ 10% ...



$12 /mo
I love the way pines stay green throughout the year... Don't you? Your support helps me keep going like the evergreen tree! ;) I would love to keep the creative flow going by sharing it with you! Y...


$22 /mo
Wow! Thank you so much!! Your monthly contribution is helping me live my dream as an artist, as well as help me get more supplies and equipment...I can't wait to pass that magic along to you... Wit...

Apricot Tree

$44 /mo
You have NO idea how much your support means to me. The Apricot tree outside my house was one of my biggest supports I had while growing up, so naturally I have to name such a supportive tier after...

Ancient Oak

$250 /mo
Holy Shit. The Ancient Oak is a tree of lasting endurance, and that's what your support of this tier gives to me! Thank you! To thank you properly, you will get:

♦ The featured origi...


Giant Sequoia

$400 /mo
The Giant Sequoia is a tree of lasting stability, safety and strength. To say that's what this tier offers me is an understatement! This helps me create my art and offerings without the constant st...