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For just $2 a month, you'll have access to the work-in-progress scenes/stories I post. I invite critiques and constructive feedback, so that I can edit my works more effectively.

This includes the initial concept notes, the full skeleton (bullet points detailing key events) cast of characters and details concerning who they are, and of course the actual scenes/shorts themselves. Yes, it will be spoiler-y.

You also get access to my discord server. Awesome, right?

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In addition to getting to read my rough drafts before I edit and publish publicly and access to my discord server, you get a copy of one Amazon story every month.

The majority of them be $3, but I only get a little over a dollar per story in royalties over there, so you're already helping me out more by supporting me here. You rock.

This will automatically be the first story published in a given month unless you specify otherwise. Discord helps me keep in touch so I can get them do you easily.

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You are super nice! I can't believe how nice you are! You get access to rough drafts before they go public, discord server access, and you get a free copy of all the Amazon stories I publish in a given month, as they go live on Amazon. (please keep in mind I'm aiming for two a month, I may not be able to keep that cadence depending on employment situation)
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About Smokescale Aquatos


Welcome to my Patreon page! I'm sure you'd like to know something about me so let's get some of the basic questions out of the way.

Who are you?
I'm Smokescale Aquatos, or just 'Smokey' if that's too much of a mouthful.

What are you?
Dragon, Writer, Innkeeper, Bacon - pronouns: He/Him (but really anything works, I'm cool with however you might like to gender me)

What is it you're doing on patreon?
I'm posting rough drafts of stories I write. Also, if you're at the higher pledges, I send copies of stories I publish on Amazon.

You said stories. What kind?
I'm a furry author whose work is predominantly erotica. It tends to vary from fantasy to science fiction to modern settings; kind of all over the map. When it comes to what sort of erotica I write, I have a reputation for some rather niche fetishes. Be ye fairly warned, all who enter!

Where can I find you elsewhere?
FurAffinity - The largest and most active general furry community site. You'll need to be logged in to view my page.
SoFurry - The largest repository of furry writing, home to my free-to-read library. You'll need to be logged in to view my page with your content filter set to allow 'extreme' material to read most of my work.
Amazon - My author page on Amazon where all my for-sale stories are located. Don't want to buy through Amazon? I have alternatives! Just shoot me a message!
The Treetop Inn - My blog where I post updates, links to stories along with samples, and various instances of me simply rambling away. This is still under construction.

How often do you create?
As often as I'm able! Sometimes that's faster, sometimes that's slower. I try to be open and transparent with my posting schedule, inform patrons what's going on and when they can expect content from me. Sometimes I'm able to churn out stories rapid fire. Sometimes, it takes longer. I try to aim for at least one new post a week.

Why use Patreon instead of just writing commissions?
Commissions are wonderful for making money, sure. But they're horribly irregular. Patreon helps smooth out those irregularities. Sometimes, I end up taking so many commissions I burn out on them, and I only want to focus on my work. Sometimes, I can't get anyone to commission me. This way, I'm still able to have funds for my day-to-day expenses without flying so close to burnout so often.

What do I get for supporting you?
My undying thanks! Also, you get access to rough drafts of material that will be published on SoFurry as free-to-read after it gets proofed and edited. Higher tiers will get free copies of my Amazon stories!


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message! Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!

Be kind to one another and stay weird!
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I'm currently unemployed. As such, I'm limping by on whatever I can make here and what I get in sales over on Amazon. Commissions help too, but they aren't a stable source of income. This is just a basic goal that would cover many of my expenses, as well as help me ensure I can keep affording cover art for my Amazon works. After all, who wants to buy a book from Amazon that doesn't have a proper cover?
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