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About Trekyards

Almost 5 years of Trekyards!

Treyards is the weekly web series looking at ships, tech and chat to the designers who created them! With hundreds of episodes in our back catalog with dozens of celebrities/designers and many spin off shows such as Fleetyards, top 10's, episode reviews and Discovery content, there is so much reason to support Treyards on Patreon.

For 3 years Patreon has been the backbone for us, having this income each month has meant that even with the ever changing way You Tube values our content we are supported here on Patron! This isent just a passion project but its been our jobs for years now and for Stuart, his calling!

We also proudly analyses all of S1-2 of ST: Discovery providing balanced coverage of the controversial Trek series. While our balanced coverage has not pleased everyone we are thrilled with those who come to us and only us for videos! We are also proud to say that several members of the Discovery cast know of Trekyards and appreciate our way of doing things!

Trekyards has been going so long and with such a good reputation that this was also the case for ST: Beyond in which we know the Art Department watched our coverage of the Franklin when she was first revealed...and they liked our video! The ST: Discovery S1 in house VFX department also watched our content and who knows who else! 

If you want quality, in depth starship videos with brand new stills and animations of your favorite Trek ships, one off Trek ships and other Sci Fi ships then Trekyards is your go to place! Were not just here to read off what is on Memory alpha or any Wiki, we offer info from every Trek tech manual out there and our own expert analysis and theories into the ships we all love!

Our goal is $1000 a month as that is a strong backbone! Help us with anything you can and you know that you are one of the amazing people that is keeping Trekyards here for all to enjoy!

Thank you everyone!
Captain Foley
Commander Cockings

$752 of $1,100 per month
If we reach this goal then we know that we will continue to hit $1000 each month we can continue to develop new shows each week such as Full Fleetyards, Datafiles and more. 
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