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About Trexlis

Cringer video I'm Featuring.

Hey there Grawrr! I'm a Drox or better know as a Dragon plus fox or dragon fox.
I'm just running a small channel going over topics related to the furry fandom or reviews.
If you would like to support and help out the channel I would very much appreciate it and come over there to give you one of my best grawrrs ever! 

You can also catch me in streams where I will be doing fun group interaction and early clips to the videos of me editing, drawing, animation for your character or the boring long process of writing and research if you're into that heh. Also don't feel pressured to support you do not have to.

So why am I making a Patreon?
I enjoy doing video editing and making video's related to the furry community on days on end.
There is just something exciting about making a fun relative or funny video for others to interact with.
100% complete
Will be able to invest in better equipment and music, as well as fully animate the drox in both streams and video.
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