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Throughout my writing life, I have had a day job (or three). And though my first novel was completed in 2015, and a year later my second novel was under way, work on the second novel came to a halt when I shifted to essays. In late 2016, asked by a friend to contribute to a national blog, I started composing essays of “everyday theology” and reposting them on my own blog. My approach to theology as down-to-earth and readable, reflective and sometimes edgy, steadily gained readers. 

Which brings me to this Patreon page. You have the opportunity to get access to content and keep me responding to reader’s calls to “continue writing!” And you can partner in the creation of the beautiful written word. In an increasingly auditory culture, we need space between the lines; we need the pause for reflection. Your Patreon partnership makes possible:
  • invitations to approach adverse experiences with grace and mercy in a time a judgement and blame.
  • invitations to see theology differently.
  • writing that has been described as: poignant, provocative, accessible, courageous, tender, lyrical, unapologetic.
  • a life of passionate learning and contemplation; the substantive, kind, non-flinching examination of the life of faith.
  • the asking of hard questions; the unwillingness to settle for pat answers.
As a writer and theologian, I contend that no question is off limits. Sacredness is found in every experience, every moment, every event of history; therefore, nothing is outside the bounds, nothing considered “too sacred” to examine critically. To great advantage and freedom, I spent the past fifteen years developing intellectually and as a writer outside of formal affiliations with academia or religious institutions. I am not afraid to be called rebellious or unorthodox. I write from within the Christian tradition—yet unafraid to question it. Thinking and discussing always bears fruit—nothing is wasted.

Joining me on Patreon makes you a sponsor of my writing life, and I am deeply grateful. 

Even more, I have a special offer for certain Patreon partners! With the help of friends at Well Versed Productions, my first novel Wren is now available as an audiobook on Audible (read by voice actor Christina Pfister). The not-yet-published-in-print book will be offered on audio to patrons at the "Spoken Word" level or higher. To hear a sample of the audiobook and read a summary, visit

Patreon makes it easy to participate at any level, and you can cancel your support at any time. Even a few dollars a month is helpful and much appreciated. Every Patreon friend helps carry my writing out into the world. No matter what, my blog ( is advertising-free and will always be no-charge. Thank you, readers!

In gratitude.
BIO: I am an everyday theologian working as a writer and novelist, garden designer, editor, and emotional wellness coach on the north coast of Oregon. After completing an MA in theology then a PhD from the University of St. Andrews in 2000, I continued to pursue my studies—energetically self-educating in areas of theology, spirituality, and the emotional life. Of my writing, Brian Doyle opined: “An honest, piercing, blunt, lyrical, remarkable writer about the endless chambers of joy and pain in the heart.” My books include Season of Wonder: Losing and Finding (2017) and Jesus Loves Women: A Memoir of Body and Spirit (2011).

What readers are saying about Wren (Summary and Excerpt below): 
Wren sneaks up on you with its brilliance and poignancy. Its characters may live with you forever.”  Deb Montgomery

"What a wonderful story. I have been known to cancel all appointments and read a book cover to cover over a couple of days (and nights). Wren is one of those books. A story of strong women carving out a history on the Oregon Coast. I fell in love with my people, my ancestors, and my place all over again." Claudia Johnson

"Wren's plot is compelling, with wisdom for those in transition and searching for answers of their own. The story line is absorbing and skillfully written to the end. A book to remember." Jan Tarr

"Beautiful, rich, vivid, tender, raw, sumptuous. Descriptions of Oregon rain, unsurpassed." Kai Madrone 

"Wren left me with a feeling of longing, of openness to things unknown, and with an appreciation for process."  Christina Pfister

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts

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