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About William Carlisle

Trilbee has been creating in-depth movie/TV related content online for several years. This has ranged from written, video, live broadcast and podcasts. With your help, you can help Trilbee a.k.a. MrTARDIS, provide in-depth analysis of media in video format on a regular basis. Media is important and Trilbee loves it. Help him to share that love and educate others.

Trilbee is a 28 year old independent filmmaker from the UK while also analysing film in his own free time and while it's a great hobby it's not going to keep the lights on forever. That's why he needs YOUR help to continue to provide great, polished and enlightening content.

Trilbee creates regular written content including reviews, news, analysis on his YouTube Channels; 

Also, he co-hosts a weekly horror podcast with his Fiancee;
The Monster Monday Podcast - https://anchor.fm/monstermondaypod

Thanks for taking the time to check out my campaign!
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MrTARDIS has never ever seen the 'Doctor Who' spin-off 'Class'.

When this goal is reached, he will marathon the series and make a video about its merits(?).
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