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Fight Crime, Corruption & Help Keep Alive Independent Aussie media

Support The True Crime News Weekly Writers Fund!

Dear fellow fighters of crime & corruption,

Since our launch in late January 2017 with no outside backing, sponsorship or capital whatsoever we have managed to quickly grow True Crime News Weekly into one of Australia's leading independent news sources, with hundreds of thousands of readers as well as tens of thousands of organic shares across social media.

Despite only launching 24 months ago, our work has already been cited by the likes of the New York Times, The Guardian, Crikey, Meanjin, Mumbrella and others.

We now need your help to take our online crime and corruption magazine to the next stage so we can publish more regularly and devote more resources to investigations.

That is why we are now launching our True Crime Writers Fund.

The simple reason is we have more writers wanting to contribute but as an 100% independently operated media outlet started by an underemployed and impoverished freelance journalist we simply do not have the funds to pay them.


The True Crime News Weekly team is a diverse bunch, with our contributors now ranging from seasoned investigative journalists to young university students to practicing lawyers to academics.

In our first two years, we have broken a number of major stories covering politics, crime, and corruption.

We were the first media outlet anywhere in the world to report truthfully on the Barnaby Joyce scandal.

We exposed Australia's largest cocaine trafficker.

We got stuck into Peter Dutton and his au pairs.

We also wondered what the go was with George Christensen and his encrypted messages.

We gave you in-depth and up-close coverage of the fraudulent disaster that was Australia's largest gay media publishing house.

We published new and vital information relating to the notorious and still unsolved Mr Cruel case in Melbourne.

We have published a number of exclusive investigations into dangerous sex offenders, abusive police officers, con artists and fraudsters as well as dodgy lawyers while always also standing up to the bullies at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

We hope that you can continue to support and share our work as we promise to do our very utmost to bring you true crime news in real time, all the time. As well as the exclusives and investigations others are too afraid to publish.

In good will,

Serkan Ozturk
Publisher & Editor
True Crime News Weekly
Contact: [email protected]

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If we can raise $500, we can begin to publish three-five articles every week on True Crime News Weekly from a variety of writers.
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