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Millions of voters (not as many as Clinton's, but still: quite a number) put Trump into office. If you vote for the strip at this level, I will give you:
  • A promise (that I will break) to build you a wall 
  • My thanks


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Like the hackers who aided Trump by attacking the DNC, you'll be privy to information not accessible to the general public:
  • A bonus panel every Saturday topping off that week's storyline.

Russian Oligarch

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You're one of the true masters of this world, a member of the elite and secretive class that pulls the strings of puppets like Donald Trump that we ordinary folk can only suffer. There's no one you can't corrupt, because every man has his price.

As do I. Especially if your alternate plan was to poison me. For a mere $15k (less than one eighth what Trump had to pay adult film star Stormy Daniels for her silence) I will close up shop and never publish another Trumpbert cartoon. (As soon as the first $15k is transferred to my account according to Patreon's usual schedule, of course. There may be honor among thieves, but in all matters involving Trump, it's essential to get paid up front.)



About Freeman Ng

Update: I've paused the collection of support for this page because I'm in the home stretch now. The Trump presidency will thankfully be coming to an end in January 2021, and with it, this strip. You can still sign up as a supporter, but no money will be collected from you, and I'll also be largely discontinuing the bonus Saturday panels. If you'd like to support my work in some way, then stay tuned for news about a book collection, with new strips and all new art, that I'll be publishing as soon as possible after Trump leaves office. Thanks!

Are you as big a fan of Scott Adams' Dilbert as I am? If so, are you as baffled as I am by his support for Donald Trump, the quintessential pointy-haired boss? Since Adams seems unwilling or unable to focus the clarity of his Dilbert vision onto Trump, I've decided to drag Trump into an alternate Dilbert universe:

Trumpbert will run five days a week, with a bonus panel that $3/month contributors will receive every Saturday. It will run as long as Donald Trump remains in the national spotlight. When Trump finally disappears, so will this strip, and no creator will ever be happier than me to see their work come to an end.

The Goals

I write the Trumpbert scripts and pay a freelance illustrator for drawings of the various characters that I paste together and reuse in order to keep my costs down. As support for this strip goes up, I'll be able to pay for more takes of each character, rather than continue to reuse the same old ones, and when I reach the first project goal, I'll start paying for the illustrator to draw entire strips from scratch. 

If support for the strip gets high enough, I'll start donating half of everything beyond that point to liberal and progressive political candidates, causes, and organizations.

About Me

I'm a former Google software engineer who's now writing and creating art full time. I'm the author of Joan, a novel of Joan of Arc, Haiku Diem 1, a collection of haiku illustrated with my digital art, and Who Am I?, a personalizable picture book. I'm also the co-creator of Poetry and Terror: Politics and Poetics in Coming to Jakarta, a commentary on Coming to Jakarta, Peter Dale Scott's book length poem about the 1965 Indonesian Massacre that former U.S. poet laureate Robert Hass called "the most important political poem to appear in the English language in a very long time."

You can learn more about my various creative projects at

and see my digital art at

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1. Strips from scratch

When your contributions reach this level, I'll start paying the illustrator to draw at least one strip a week entirely from scratch, which will result in much better looking scenes than my copy-and-paste jobs. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts

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