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About William D'Angelo

I am a YouTube Let's Player and streamer of games on Twitch. The money I earn from Patron will go towards upgrading my PC, mic, and recording and editing software. However, in the future I hope to be able to earn a living through YouTube and Twitch.

I mainly do let's plays of Minecraft and video's with my girlfriend, Chibi, such as Happy Wheels, Would You Rather?, and Will you Press the Button? I also do weekly react videos.

When I stream on Twitch I interact with my viewers on a constant basis and I play Minecraft Mini Games often so my viewers can play with me. I also stream several other games and do discussions with the chat.
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If we ever meet in person you will get a hug!! (Yes I got this idea from MKtheWorst)
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If you pledge $5 you will gain access to my Donator Server - TrunksCraft!
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If this goal is hit I will do 1 react video per week!
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