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About Truth Seeking Spirits

Truth Seeking Spirits (TSS) is an organization dedicated to rediscovering, sharing and protecting spiritual and historical truths from those that would bend or obfuscate them for personal gain. Whether knowingly or unknowingly.

This is for the benefit of mankind and the glory of God. So that all can be made aware of the truth and best equipped to make an informed decision of their own free will. We at TSS reject moral relativism and nihilism. We reject ignorance and those that would use ignorance to fill their own pockets and egos.

Topics that will be explored and discussed include:

1. The fraudulent histories of Neo-Paganism and New Ageism; including it's various sub-groupings (including Wicca, Asatru, Druidism and other forms of Occultism).

2. The truth that the original Christian Church (known today as Orthodox or Eastern Christianity) is still standing proudly. Many individuals in the West are entirely unaware of this. Many churches have given themselves the goals of "re-establishing the original church" ignorant that it has never left.

3. An honest and non-biased look at the origin of Islam, it's prophet and it's early history. Many individuals including politicians and media personalities are spreading information on Islam that is entirely fabricated or purposefully deceptive.

4. Common misconceptions and misunderstandings about Christianity, God and the Bible.

5. The lies and dangers of various modernist beliefs on the human being.

-And so on.

We fulfill our goals through non-violence. A Truth seeking Spirit should not seek to change someones mind through coercion or violence. The truth should stand on it's own two feet. Our primary method of doing this is through the placement of informational pamphlets at various events, sharing links to our works and by word of mouth. All who seek to help can be part of the changes we're working towards. For the glory of God.

The TSS is a non-profit organization funded through private donations.
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