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Where are we NOW!  Life gets busy and it gets harder to post as frequently as we want to on Youtube soooo we can keep it current right here:)  We have listened to all of your comments and had to do something about it.  A lot of you recommended Patreon as a way to stay connected so here it is-let's see what happens.  Here we are able to put up LOTS more content.  When we started our channel we had no idea that so many people would be so invested in our videos but to our surprise you guys are AMAZING!!!!!  Stay tuned for new videos all the time!

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Sometimes we really just have to pinch ourselves when we think how lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives.  To think our videos have reached and touched so many people is just crazy.  We love that you always give us recommendations of places to go and visit so we will do polls and ask for advice and would love your input!  We also will have a private facebook group to catch up on life:)  Can't wait.

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You guys are taking this to the next level aren't ya?  We hope you enjoy your brand spankin new TryNsomethingnew hat!  These babies are HOT off the presses.  We love SWAG and just had all of this stuff made, so excited to share it with all of you...

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Welcome to Trynsomethingnew!!!  We are a family of 5 that loves adventure, trying new things, living every day to the fullest (or at least most days let's keep it real) and spreading positivity into the world!  Life is short, after a few friends passed away too soon it woke us up and made us realize we need to LIVE NOW!!!!  Tomorrow is not a guarantee so seize the day my friends! 

We have been traveling the world for a few years now with 3 small kids and seeing the change in them is insane!  Instead of looking at traveling with kids as an obstacle we decided to look at it as an adventure.  The look on their faces says it all, every time we start a new journey they are stoked. What an amazing experience it is to spend every day with each other exploring different parts of the world. It's all about trynsomethingnew these days and pushing our limits to see what we are capable of.  This is a great way to stay up to date with us and in a raw, more real way.  Jimi loves editing our youtube videos but here he can let loose and not have to make it so perfect.  Let's have fun!
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Let me start by saying that we are so unbelievably honored that you guys want to show us support.  When we started our youtube channel our goal was to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and try something new!  As we started posting our videos and the comments started to roll in we realized that we were doing more than that.  You awesome people out there said we helped you plan your travels and helped you decide on which counties you were going to visit.  
Other comments said we helped them get through their work day and gave them goals to shoot for.  We have made serious connections with a lot of you and are so grateful!  When we hit 50 patrons we will have to make a special video to celebrate and share with you all, maybe you guys can even send in some footage of yourselves and we include it in the video!  You are a part of our fam forever!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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