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Hello and welcome,

I believe that everyone benefits from learning and development and that Patreon is a great way to supplement your learning. To receive access to a broad spectrum of my content, I ask that you consider becoming a member. I am passionate about goal setting and helping others navigate through change. I also have 30+ years of management experience with expertise in performance management, professional development, and marketing. For full access to my materials, become a member today.

I love to help clients achieve goals. I listen, ask questions, and support clients throughout the goal setting process. To accomplish this, I focus on client motivations, strengths, and desires, and work with them to develop realistic action plans.

I have enjoyed many positions throughout my 30+ year career that have sharpened my problem-solving abilities and spurred my deep interest in goal setting research and application. My personal and professional experiences have taught me the following about myself:

I can successfully create and realize challenging goals including completing four college degree programs while working full-time over a ten-year period:

- I believe in the power of motivation and commitment, even in the presence of obvious disadvantage (I dropped out of school at 15, received a GED at 18, and went on to receive four degrees, one from a top 20 MBA program)

- I use action plans to accomplish goals, anticipating and navigating through setbacks

I relate well to a broad group of people having led diverse teams and in my work for the late Matt Branam, president of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology:

- I appreciate project success but value individual development and growth more
- I speak layman and executive
- I motivate others with my calm demeanor and can-do attitude
- I take responsibility and value integrity in my work and relationships

I am committed to learning and development and embrace challenges, recognizing that value resides in the lessons we learn in the face of adversity:

- I am constantly learning from both traditional means and from life’s rich experiences
- I am flexible and adapt my goals and approach as needed
- I focus on making sound decisions regardless of the circumstance

I enjoy meeting new people and learning how my experiences can benefit others. Reach out if you want to talk with me about goal setting, business, or life coaching.

I’m Tuesday Strong and I help individuals and organizations translate goals into reality. Both individuals and organizations can be challenged by competing priorities, resource needs and underdeveloped skills. I help by offering fresh perspective and solutions that involve changing behaviors to achieve results. I support individuals and organizations through career and life coaching.

I bring over 30 years of experience in both corporate and academic environments, combined with top-notch business training from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, Harvard University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Duke University.

Previously, I spent nine years in a customer service call center where, for five years, I was focused on hiring, coaching, performance management and professional development. I also spent 19 years in management and project management in an academic environment using my strategy, marketing and advancement expertise.

I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Development from Indiana State University, and a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Management and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. I also completed the Management Development Program at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and continuing education programs at Rochester Institute of Technology and Duke University.

Visit my website to learn more about me and my work.

BOOK A 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION: https://tuesdaystrong.com/

CONTACT: 812-251-2134 | [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: Please respect my work and this space by refraining from sharing this content with non-patrons. If you know someone who might benefit from my work, please share my publicly available content with them and encourage them to become a patron. Thank you for your support of this work and space.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 52 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 52 exclusive posts

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