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Hello and welcome to Only On Tuesdays! I create content for Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. I mainly write articles on my blog www.OnlyOnTuesdays27.com, and I stream Magic on twitch at twitch.tv/tuesdaytastic. I have lots of goals to expand as a content creator, and to do that I need your help. Because I am a young college student I am poor and every little bit you give me helps out immensely. If you enjoy my content, and want to see me expand into other avenues of entertainment such as YouTube, consider supporting me here on Patreon!
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At $100 a month, I will release an additional article each week! This will give me more time to write about niche things in either Magic: the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons. It is currently unfeasible for me to write additional articles each week, but if my patreon reaches this goal I will make it happen. 
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